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    In Oct. 2014, Betta Pharmaceuticals invested in Xcovery for joint development of new-generation of ALK inhibitor X-396.

    In Jan. 2003, Zhejiang Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, was registered and established in Hangzhou.In Aug. 2003, Betta Pharmaceuticals New Drug R&D Center was established in Beijing.

    In Jun. 2006, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) was approved by SFDA to step into clinical trial Phase I.

    In Dec. 2006, Betta Pharmaceuticals incorporated with Hangzhou Renchuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to build up its own production base in Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hangzhou.

    In Mar. 2007, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) was authorized the patent of invention by SIPO.

    In Sep. 2007, Betta Pharmaceuticals owned its independent IPR R&D building in Beijing.

    In Dec. 2008, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) obtained the approval document of Phase-IIb/III clinical trial and stepped into the clinical trial Phase IIb/III officially.

    In Apr. 2010, Eli Lilly and Company, a Fortune Global 500 company, invested in Betta Pharmaceuticals.

    In Apr. 2010, Betta Pharmaceuticals completed the Phase-IIb/III clinical study of Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana).

    In Jun. 2011, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) was awarded the certificate of new drug, turning into the first small-molecule targeted anti-tumor drug based on China’s independent R&D.

    In Aug. 2011, the launching conference for Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) was held in Beijing Great Hall officially.

    In Sep. 2011, Betta Pharmaceuticals Beijing R&D Center was expanded and moved into an independent experiment building covering over 4,000 m2. 

    In Nov. 2011, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) Phase-IV clinical study was officially initiated after it was launched to the market.

    In Feb. 2012, the awarding ceremony of designated dispensing sites of Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) for free follow-up medication was held in Beijing.

    In Jul. 2012, Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana) was involved in 2012 Global New Drug R&D Catalogue as the first innovative new drug of China.In Jan. 2013, the 10th anniversary ceremony of Betta Pharmaceuticals, themed A Decade of Dream Building to Set out the Glory Journey, was held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People.

    In Aug. 2013, ICOGEN clinical study results of Conmana Phase-III clinical trial were published on The Lancet, a world-leading medical journal.

    In Aug. 2013, Betta Pharmaceuticals was changed into Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

    In Sep. 2013, Betta Pharmaceuticals cooperated with Amgen Inc. to establish Amgen-Betta Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly.

    In Dec. 2013, the construction of new headquarters of Betta Pharmaceuticals was started officially.

    In Jun. 2014, the application materials, IPO and GEM Listing of Betta Pharmaceuticals, submitted by Betta Pharmaceuticals, were officially accepted and processed by CSRC; and the prospectus (application) was officially disclosed at the website of CSRC.

    In Oct. 2014, Betta Pharmaceuticals and Xcovery concluded an agreement for joint development of new-generation of ALK inhibitor.

    In Nov. 2014, Icotinib Hydrochloride tablets, researched and developed by Betta Pharmaceuticals, was approved by CFDA to be applied for the treatment of advanced NSCLC patients with EGFR mutations (Approval No.: 2014B02155).

    In Mar. 2015, Betta Pharmaceuticals’s BPI-9016M received the Approval of Clinical Drug Test, conferred by CFDA, as national class 1.1 small-molecule targeted new drug BPI-9016M and approved to step into Phase I-III clinical trials.

    In Jan. 2016, Betta Pharmaceuticals was awarded the First Prize of 2015 National Progress in Science and Technology for the R&D and industrialization results of Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana).

    In Aug. 2016, national class-1.1 targeted new drug X-396 and BPI-15086 received the Approval of Clinical Drug Test and was approved to step into Phase I-III clinical trials.

    In Nov. 2016, Betta Pharmaceuticals (300558) was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully.

    In Mar. 2017, Betta Pharmaceutical launched an exclusive cooperation with Xcovery Holding Company LLC for MRCT Phase-III (Chinese Area); new drug BPI-3016 for diabetes and prevention of cardiovascular diseases under R&D was approved to step into clinical trials.

    In Apr. 2017, Betta Pharmaceuticals purchased the D-round preferred shares issued by Xcovery to hold its controlling stake; invested in Beijing Biostar Technologies, Ltd.; purchased the G-round preferred shares issued by Tyrogenex, Inc. and cooperated with Tyrogenex to establish a JV, Equinox Sciences LLC Science, LLC.

    In Jun. 2017, new drug X-396 capsule for lung cancer treatment, developed by Xcovery Holding Company LLC, a holding subsidiary of Betta Pharmaceuticals, was approved by CFDA to step into MRCT. Betta Pharmaceuticals purchased the 22.5909% equity of Anew held by Zhangjiang Biology and Zhangjiang Science. So far, Betta Pharmaceuticals has held 100% of equity of Anew.