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    To realize its target as higher and further expansion, Betta promotes the development of its three driving factors simultaneously: independent R&D, marketing and strategic cooperation.

    Betta Pharmaceuticals and Tyrogenex Signed to Enter the Global Market of Anti-tumor Drugs

In the morning of Aug. 25th, 2017 EST, Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd and Tyrogenex signed an agreement in Washington DC officially to establish a joint venture Equinox Sciences LLC Sciences LLC (Chinese name: 医科诺生物科技有限公司), aiming at entering the global market of anti-tumor drugs. Dr. Ding Lieming, Chairman & CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals, and Mr. Eric Richman, CEO of Tyrogenex, concluded this strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides of companies respectively.

    Tyrogenex is an American bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, dedicated to drug development of wet age-related AMD and solid tumors targeted at VEGFR and PDGFR. X-82 (Vorolanib) compound, under research of Tyrogenex, is an oral inhibitor targeted at VEGFR and PDGFR, which can be used in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, renal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer and multiple cancers. The equity of newly established Equinox Sciences LLC are held by Betta Pharmaceuticals and Tyrogenex by 50% respectively, which will join hands together to develop the global rights of Vorolanic compound for the treatment of tumor adaptation diseases beyond China.

    Previously, Betta Pharmaceuticals has reached a strategic cooperation with Tyrogenex to purchase the G-round preferred shares newly issued by Tyrogenex valued USD 10 million as the consideration to hold 7% of Tyrogenex’s shares. This is mainly aimed at developing the global rights of Vorolanic compound for ophthalmic indications beyond China.

Betta Pharmaceuticals Spent RMB 480 Million for Full Takeover of Anew

    According to a announcement published by Betta Pharmaceuticals on June 19th, 2017: Betta Pharmaceuticals has completed the public delisting and acquisition of 22.5909% equity of Anew Medical Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and wholly owned Anew. Previously, Betta Pharmaceuticals has held 77.4091% of Anew’s equity. Consequently, Betta Pharmaceuticals has owned 100% equity of Anew so far as well as the complete rights and interests of its new targeted drug CM082 project.

    Similar to Betta Pharmaceuticals, Anew is also a hi-tech innovation enterprise established by a team of returned PhD holders, specialized in new drug R&D. Currently, it is mainly focusing on R&D of CM082, a new targeted drug. CM082 is a small molecule new drug targeted at VEGFR and PDGFR, with oral tablets as the clinical dosage form. Besides the significant treatment targeted at VEGFR and PDGFR, CM082 has also overcome the highly toxic and side effect, common in similar category of targeted drugs. Clinical research in progress includes the single drug experiment for the treatment of AMD and experiment of combination treatment of CM082 and Everolimus for CCRCC.

    To expand its R&D product lines and continue its deep tillage and development in the anti-tumor drug market, 77.4091% of equity were transferred by part of Anew shareholders to Betta Pharmaceuticals based on an agreement valued at RMB 372 million in February, 2017. Recently, the other two Anew shareholders, Shanghai Zhangjiang Biology Pharmaceutical Industry Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhangjiang Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. have publicly transferred their equities of Anew by 13.5% and 9.0909% via SUAEE respectively. To obtain the complete rights and interests of CM082 project, Betta Pharmaceuticals has launched public delisting and acquisition and concluded an Equity Transaction Contract with Zhangjiang Biology and Zhangjiang Science and Technology Venture Capital on June 16th to purchase the equities of Anew held by Zhangjiang Biology and Zhangjiang Science and Technology Venture Capital based on its own fund valued RMB 108 million. After this successful delisting and acquisition of 22.5909% of Anew equity, Betta Pharmaceuticals held 100% of Anew equity and the entire rights and interests of CM082 project; and the clinical research and experiment of new drug project will be promoted comprehensively and rapidly. At present, Betta Pharmaceuticals has taken shape a development model based on independent R&D, following the path of strategic cooperation and guaranteed by marketing. Along with the continued progress of equity acquisition, project investment and other forms of strategic cooperation in particular, Betta Pharmaceuticals enjoys the increasingly abundant R&D product lines, laying a solid foundation for the earlier achievement of its strategic vision of turning into a “transnational pharmaceutical enterprise headquartered in China”.

    Betta Pharmaceuticals Further Expanded the Large Molecule Anti-tumor Market On Feb. 28th, 2017, Betta reached a cooperation with Beijing Mabworks Biotech Co.Ltd for MIL60 antibody project, aiming at expanding its share in the large molecule anti-tumor market.

    Mabworks is also a hi-tech enterprise established by a team of returned PhD holders, specialized in antibody drug design and function research and the clinical and industrialized development of antibody drugs. MIL60 antibody under its clinical research at present is an antibody drug targeted at BEGF, which can be applied for the treatment of seven solid tumor adaptation diseases, including NSCLC, CRC and breast cancer. According to the cooperation agreement, Betta Pharmaceuticals enjoys the permanent, exclusive and re-authorizable rights of MIL60 Bevacizumab biosimilars; and is entitled to launch related clinical development, registration and marketing of this project within the region of China.

    A series of major movements have shown that Betta Pharmaceuticals has been continuously expanding its market of anti-tumor drugs. Since its development of Icotinib Hydrochloride (Conmana),first small molecule targeted anti-tumor drug with independent IPR in China, Betta Pharmaceuticals has been devoting itself to the R&D of anti-tumor drugs and the expansion of related industrial chain. This cooperation with Mabworks has further demonstrated its strategic layout for the access into small and large molecule anti-tumor markets simultaneously, for the purpose of injecting new driving forces for its sustainable, sound and rapid development and building itself into a “transnational pharmaceutical company headquartered in China”.

    Betta Pharmaceuticals Cooperated with Xcovery to Develop New Generation of ALK Inhibitor

    On Oct. 25th, 2014, Betta Pharmaceuticals and Xcovery declared that Xcovery would obtain the equity investment from Betta Pharmaceuticals valued USD 20 million and the development right of X-396 project in China.    

    Betta Pharmaceuticals, as the leading enterprise of new drug development in China, will continue to promote the development of innovative drugs, after its successful completion of R&D and marketization of Icotinib HydrochlorideI. Xcovery, based in Florida, America, is specialized in the R&D of the new-generation of anti-tumor targeted drugs; and its priority project X-396 is a new generation of ALK inhibitor for lung cancer treatment. In 2017, Betta Pharmaceuticals subscribed the D-round preferred shares newly issued by Xcovery. After this capital increment, Betta Pharmaceuticals has held 86.24% shares of Xcovery.

    Xcovery has applied for MRCT Phase-III for X-396 in America. On Jun. 2nd, 2017, X-396 capsule was approved by CFDA to access into MRCT. The MRCT approval of X-396 marked another key step taken by Betta Pharmaceuticals in the field of new drug R&D. After it is approved for launching, X-396 is expected to be sold in the world simultaneously to benefit more patients.

Betta Pharmaceuticals Cooperated with Amgen to Introduce Vectibix for Chinese Patients

    Thousand Oaks, Florida, America and Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (May 9th, 2013 US Time) On May 10th, 2013 (China Time), Amgen Inc. from America (code in Nasdaq: AMGN) and Betta Pharmaceuticals declared to conclude an agreement and establish a VC, aiming at promoting the marketization of anti-tumor drug Vectibix jointly, for its earlier and effective access to China to the benefit of Chinese patients.

    Amgen is a world-leading innovative bio-pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing enterprise; Betta Pharmaceuticals is specialized in development and marketing of molecular targeted drugs, enjoying a leading tumor drug marketing network in China. This VC will combine the respective advantages of both parties, to push forward the R&D and marketization of innovative bio-pharmacy.

    “The VC has enabled us to take a great step to achieve the target of providing innovative drugs of Amgen to Chinese patients; and offered us the strategic support for our expansion in important global markets and emerging markets,” said Anthony C. Hooper, EVP of Amgen, “We’re very glad to have this opportunity to cooperate with Betta Pharmaceuticals, the leading enterprise of Zhejiang Province in the field of innovative pharmaceutical R&D and marketization and we will make joint efforts to introduce innovative drugs to Chinese market and bring benefits to CRC patients.”