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        Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a national-level high-tech pharmaceutical company founded by a team of PhD returnees. Betta Pharmaceuticals has established an integrated organization of research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing with emphasis R&D of innovative drugs and proprietary intellectual property rights. Ever since its establishment in 2003, it has fully committed to R&D and manufacturing of first class national innovative drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights directed at diseases with significant impacts on human health such as malignant tumors, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and so forth.
        The company has set up an R&D center in Beijing, which includes a synthesis lab, an analytical lab, a pharmacology lab, a formulation lab, a medical department, an intellectual property department and so on. The R&D center employs  more than 100 research staffs, including 9 PhD returnees(5 of which have already been selected as members of the national “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”). The R&D team won the Overseas Chinese Community Contribution Award and the members of the team earned honors such as “National Distinguished Expert”, “Excellent Post Doctorate” as well as “Advanced Scientific and Technical Worker”. The company now has 11 sales offices throughout the country, a marketing and sales force of around 250 people and more than 610 employees(over 380 earning a bachelor's degree or higher). 
        The company has built a 24560 square meter production base with a manfucturing plant covering 8000 square meters. It also owns GMP-certified tablets and ointment manufacturing plants as well as marketing approvals of 11 drugs, which include active pharmaceutical ingredients and oral oncology drugs. In order to meet the growing market and production demands, a new production base covering over 90,000 square meters is also under active planning and construction. Up to now, the first phase of the project is almost complete.
        In 2011 a first class national innovative drug called Icotinib Hydrochloride Tablets (Conmana) developed by the company was granted marketing approval by China Food and Drug Administration with an announcement being held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in August. In July 2012, as the first innovative drug in China, Conmana was cited in the Annual Report of International New Drugs Research and Development. In June 2013, it won the first prize of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. In August 2013, the world’s top tier magazine, The Lancet Oncology, published the Phase-III clinical study results of Conmana in full text for the first time and according to the editor’s note, “Icotinib: Kick-Starting the Chinese Anticancer Drug Industry”. The Icotinib Hydrochloride Tablet project won the gold medal of the WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design granted by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2012 and 2014, respectively. In November 2014 Icotinib indication for first-line treatment of late-stage non-small cell lung cancer was approved by China Food and Drug Administration, which provides a new treatment option for many patients with lung cancer in China.
     Since the 10 years of its establishment, the company has already obtained 17 issued patents and owns an additional 106 patents under application. It has also set 4 technical standards; the active pharmaceutical ingredient standards and tablet standards of Icotinib Hydrochloride having already become the national standards. The drug has won the supports of "Development of Major Innovative Drug" major scientific and technological project and “Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms” run by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It was also included in the “National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program)”, “China Torch Program” and made the list of “National Strategic Innovative Product” of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
        In 2010, the company received strategic investment from Eli Lilly and Company and was awarded the honor of “Zhejiang Enterprise with the Most Investment Value”. On May 10th 2013, the company signed an official strategic partnership contract with the world reknowned biopharmaceutical magnate, Amgen, and founded Betta Amgen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. The joint venture was officially launched in September and settled in Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park to co-promote the marketing of Vertibix (Pertuzumab), an anticancer drug developed by Amgen, in China. In October 2014 Betta Pharmaceuticals invested in a US company-Xcovery Holding LLC to co-develop a new generation targeted drug for lung cancer, X-396, with the purpose of benefiting patients from the U.S, China, and all over the world.
        Betta Pharmaceuticals will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of “Innovate to Benefit the People”, devote itself to achieving the goal of “Innovate for the People and Benefit them with Science and Technology” through developing innovative and affordable drugs.