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B——BELIEF (Have a firm faith)
        We are in the pharmaceutical industry for the betterment of human health. Every Betta-er must make it a mission to contribute to the national pharmaceutical industry and devote themselves in providing the society with high quality and affordable drugs. We believe that we are capable of becoming the most energetic pharmaceutical enterprise with the best research and development capacity in China.


E——ENERGY (Stay active)
        People are the most energetic and proactive factor in a company. Talents are the most valuable asset of an enterprise, a crucial factor that drives an enterprise progress and grow. Innovative and motivated employees is any enterprise’s inexhaustible force of survival and development.


T——TEAM (Team first)
        Betta is not only an enterprise, but also a team. Not only do we emphasize on individual accomplishments, but we pay even more attention to team performances. We hope that every employee can deliver his or her best performance here at Betta and we want every department to become the best team.


T——TRUST (Mutual trust)

        Betta regards every employee as a trustworthy partner and valuable asset. All employees enjoy an equal opportunity of development and self-fulfillment; employees are full of confidence in the company’s prospect, willing to entrust their futures with Betta and grow together with the company.

A——ACHIEVEMENT (Achievement-oriented)
       Betta provides every employee with a fair and broad platform, where the best shall rise and those who are incompetent shall fall. We prefer competence and skills to education background and diplomas. Performance, competence and potential are the factors that we value when we recruit talents. Betta values what an employee can do for the company. We need people who are competent and who can create value for the company.