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B——BELIEF (Have a firm faith)
       We are engaged in the medical industry serving human’s health. Therefore, each employee of Betta shall shoulder the responsibilities of developing the national pharmaceutical industry and offering drugs of good quality, inexpensive price and safety to the public. We are capable to turn into the pharmaceutical enterprise in China with the greatest R&D strength and vitality. 


E——ENERGY (Stay active)
       Human resource is one of the most vivid and flexible production factors of enterprise production; talents are the most precious resource and wealth for any enterprise, playing the supporting role for sustainable development. Employees who maintain the innovation vitality and constant power will be the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise survival and development.


T——TEAM (Team first)
        Betta is not only an enterprise, but also a team. Not only do we emphasize on individual accomplishments, but we pay even more attention to team performances. We hope that every employee can deliver his or her best performance here at Betta and we want every department to become the best team.


T——TRUST (Mutual trust)

        Betta treats each of its employees as a reliable partner and previous wealth with egalitarian opportunity of development and self-accomplishment. In turn, each of our employees is fully confident in the prospect of Betta Pharmaceuticals and willing to trust their future life in Betta Pharmaceuticals based on a common growth. 

A——ACHIEVEMENT (Achievement-oriented)
     Betta provides an egalitarian and broad platform for each of its employees. No matter high or poor qualification, education background is not what is emphasized here, but professional performance, personal competence and potential capability. Betta always attaches great importance to those who can make professional contributions and performance to the company with outstanding capabilities.