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How To Apply

(1)Send in your resume to:

   hr@bettapharma.com(Hangzhou HR)

   bjhr@bettapharma.com(Beijing HR)

   Requested Format: Position applied + Full Name + Region

(2)Apply on Job Website:

   Please log onto 51Job.com, search for “Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.” and apply directly for the position you desire.


   Ms. Liu (Hangzhou HR) Contact No.: 0571-89266050

   Ms. Liang (Beijing HR) Contact No.: 010-67869692-609

(4)Company Address:

   Hangzhou: No. 589 Hongfeng Road, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Area, Hangzhou

   Beijing R&D Center: Building No. 29, Beijing University of Technology Software Park, No. 1 North Disheng Street, Etown Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing