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研发中心 / R & D Center

  Betta Pharmaceuticals has established a new drug R&D center in Beijing and Hangzhou respectively, covering over 10,000 m2 in total. The R&D team consists of over 200 R&D personnel, including dozens of personnel holding overseas PhD degrees and 6 personnel involved in The Recruitment Program of Global Experts of China, boasting the solid professional expertise, internationalized concept and vision and   abundant R&D practical experience.

  Betta Pharmaceuticals has constructed a new drug R&D system integrating drug design, preclinical study, clinical study and industrialization. There are over 20 new drug projects under development (see Projects under Development for details), covering malignant tumors, ophthalmic diseases, autoimmune diseases and diabetes, with parts of projects entering into the stage of clinical trial.

  Along with the continuous growth and expansion, Betta’s R&D centers have turned into the international advanced and national leading innovative new-drug R&D platforms and attracted more and more excellent talents, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable and sound development of Betta Pharmaceuticals.

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