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Xcovery Participating in Pediatric MATCH Trial Initiated by US National Cancer Institute
Form: Medical Department   Date: 2017-08-01

       On July 24th, 2017, the press office of US NCI declared that NCI Children's Oncology Group (NCI-COG) would initiate a research on targeted drugs for children cancers.


Declaration of NCI Press Office

        Xcovery, held by Betta Pharmaceuticals, has participated in this pediatric Match trial, initiated by NCI-COG. Pediatric Match trial is the first national research conducted by America for the first time, in which over 200 experts and pharmaceutical enterprises in the field of children oncology have been involved in this research. MATCH is a clinical trial for precise cancer treatment, which will recruit children and juvenile advanced cancer patients with progress after standard treatment.

        According to Dr. Ding Lieming, Chairman of Xcovery, “cancer biological research during the past decades has disclosed the driving mechanism for diseases, namely that there may be common genetic mutations triggering different cancers. Our flagship product Ensartinib is a small-molecule inhibitor targeted at ALK and ROS 1. We are very glad that we can cooperate with NCI-COG to apply Ensartinib in pediatric MATCH trial and offer a new treatment choice for children and juvenile cancer patients with ALK or ROS1 mutation, without requirement on cancer categories.”

        “Without the active participation and support of pharmaceutical companies, this trial will never be conducted,” said Nita Seibel, co-chairman of NCI, “some drugs haven’t been tested on children before; and this trial will expand the possibility and space of targeted treatment for children and juvenile patients”.

        Ensartinib (X-396) is a potent ALK inhibitor, which is at Phase III clinical research globally and applied to NSCLC patients with ALK positive. Besides ALK, it is also targeted at TRKA/TRKB combination, TRKC, ROS1, EphA2 and c-MET genes.

        Ensartinib global Phase III clinical research was initiated in June 2016 abroad. The initial research meeting for its domestic research was held in July 7th 2017, which will bring more choices for NSCLC patients with ALK positive.

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