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Overseas Chinese Elites Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum Successfully Held and Dr. Ding Lieming Encouraged Returned Talents to Start up Business in Hangzhou
Form:    Date: 2017-11-10

    On November 8th, 2017 Overseas Chinese Elites Innovation and Entrepreneurship International (China/Hangzhou) Summit Forum, themed “Create an Innovative Future and Intelligent City”, was held in Returned Overseas Community (EFC/Euro America Financial Center). Participant leaders included Zhao Hongying, Deputy Secretary General and Director of Department of Economy and Technology of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Ma Jun, Deputy Director and Secretary General of Specially-Invited Expert Special Committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Director of National Institute of Financial Research of Tsinghua University; Tong Guili, Member of Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Director of United Front Work Department; and Wang Lihua, Vice President of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of CPPCC and President of Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Hangzhou. Dr. Ding Lieming, Vice President of Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Hangzhou, President of Hangzhou Overseas Returnees’ Club (HORC) and Chairman & CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals, gave a welcoming speech. 


Director Zhao Hongying Giving a Speech 

    In her speech, Director Zhao Hongying suggested that China had obtained the all-round groundbreaking achievements during the past five years; undergone fundamentally history revolution; in the new era, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China had proposed new ideas, new missions, new principles and new target to indicate directions for us to unify overseas Chinese more extensively and devote ourselves to the great rejuvenation of China jointly. Therefore, we should study hard and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; pay more attention to serving the innovation-driven development; display the role of Alliance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the expert committee; widely attract and serve overseas Chinese talents; attach more attention to strengthening the construction of Chinese brands; give full play the mobilization role of innovation and entrepreneurship played by the new generation of overseas Chinese; and construct a development platform for the public overseas Chinese. Meanwhile, she expected federations of overseas Chinese of various levels in Hangzhou to stand at the new historical starting point, take the great opportunity, bring the unique advantages of federations of overseas Chinese into full play, unify the strength of overseas Chinese community more extensively and attract more high-level overseas Chinese to invest in and start up business in Hangzhou. 


Dr. Ding Lieming Giving a Welcoming Speech 

    Advantage, scientific and technological advantage and industrial advantage. Overseas talents are the resource of innovation driving and transformation development in great demand. In the previous years, HORC has unified a great batch of excellent overseas returnees, making huge contributions to promoting the economic construction of Hangzhou. As an overseas returnee himself, Dr. Ding Lieming shared his own feeling based on his experience of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to him, Hangzhou, a city with an amazing environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, was a great place to help overseas returned talents realize their dreams; and he expected more and more overseas returned talents to join in the extended family of HORC to launch their innovation and entrepreneurship and make their dreams come true together in Hangzhou. 


Dr. Ding Lieming and Other Outstanding Overseas Returnees Presenting the Award of Star of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

    For the purpose of encouraging new overseas returnees, HORC, under the leadership of Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Hangzhou, has fully displayed its organizational function of cohering overseas Chinese and serving the society; established the sound mechanism of “paring old-generation and new-generation overseas returnees for entrepreneurship assistance”; and built up the working brand of overseas returned talents of Hangzhou. Dr. Ding Lieming and representatives of outstanding returned overseas Chinese presented the awards to 10 Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


    Innovation has turned into the development theme of this era; and the formation of eco-sphere and the combination of various industries and cultures are also the necessarily supportive factors for innovation. In the conclusion of the forum, Vice President of Overseas Returned Chinese Federation of Hangzhou Fan Yuan, experts of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts of China Qiu Min and Wu Muye discussed the problems related to “Innovation, Ecology and Combination” with conference participants. 2017 Overseas Chinese Elites Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Summit Forum came (China? Hangzhou) to a successful conclusion. 

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