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Phase II-III Clinical Research Mid-term Meeting of Combined Treatment of CM082 and Everolimus for Advanced Kidney Cancer Treatment Held Successfully
Form: Department of Medicine   Date: 2017-11-08

    Phase II-III Clinical Research Mid-term Meeting of Combined Treatment of CONCEPT Research-Vorolanib (CM082) and Everolimus for Advanced Kidney Cancer Treatment was held in Shaoxing recently, in which over 60 experts in the field of clinical kidney cancer treatment from 35 research centers across the nation gathered together to discuss this new concept of targeted treatment for advanced kidney cancer treatment. Dr. Tan Fen, SVP, CMO of Betta Pharmaceuticals and GM of Anew Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Dr. Liang Congxin, inventor of Vorolanib, presented at the conference, accompanied by several leaders of kidney cancer treatment in China, including Prof. Guo Jun, Vice Director of Beijing Cancer Hospital, Prof. Yao Xin with Tianjin Municipal Cancer Hospital, Prof. He Zhisong with Peking University First Hospital and Prof. Sheng Xi’nan with Beijing Cancer Hospital. 


Group Photo with Experts at the Meeting 

    CONCEPT trial indicates the Phase II-III clinical research focusing on evaluating the curative effect and security of combination of CM082 and Everolimus for kidney cancer treatment based on random, double blind double dummy, parallel controlling and multi-center evaluation. This research has Prof. Guo Jun as the principal investigator, with 35 research centers nationwide participating in the clinical trial jointly. 

    At the meeting, participating representatives of 35 research centers introduced their centers and research progress respectively: Dr. Tan Fenlai introduced the entire R&D situation and product line of Betta Pharmaceuticals; Prof. He Zhisong hosted the meeting and briefed the research program and concrete contents of CONCEPT trial in simple language; Prof. Sheng Xi’nan, physician Gu Weijie with Fudan University Tumor Hospital and physician Wang Zhe with Liaoniang Provincial Tumor Hospital shared Phase I research data and their experience in the practical research operation at the present stage. 

    In conclusion, Prof. Yao Xin made the summary of the meeting: CONCEPT trial is the clinical research on targeted treatment for advanced kidney cancer with the largest scale in China at present; participating experts have made sufficient discussion on the project and reached a consensus; and encouraged participants to pay attention to each detail in the follow-up research to ensure the research quality. He expected that CONCEPT trial, under the great support of Betta Pharmaceuticals, could promote the project with high quality and efficiency, to make contributions to the targeted treatment for advanced kidney cancer in China. 


Dr. Tan Fenlai and Chief Director Cai Wanyu Taking a Group Photo with Participating Experts

     After the meeting came to an end, parts of participating experts, under the invitation of Betta Pharmaceuticals, visited the newly-built headquarters of Betta in Hangzhou as well as its exhibition hall, production center and R&D center, under the accompany of Dr. Tan Fenlai and Chief Director of Production Cai Wanyu. Those participants were mobilized by the tough journey of Betta of potential research during the past decade, introduced by Dr. Tan Fenlai, and expressed that they would learn from the persistence and constant innovation spirit of Betta; try their best to promote CONCEPT trial into the new benchmark in the research field of targeted drugs for kidney cancer based on China’s independent and original R&D, following ICOGEN. Meanwhile, he also looked forward to joining hands with Betta to contribute to the objective of “providing affordable drugs of good quality to Chinese residents”!

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