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the 2nd China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference Concluded Successfully
Form: Investment Department   Date: 2017-11-06

    During the period between October 29th and 31st, the 2nd China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (hereinafter referred to as “CBIIC”), which attracted much attention by the industry, was held in Suzhou Industrial Park. Sun Xianze, Deputy Director of CFDA, and Zeng Yixin, Deputy Director of NHFPC (National Health and Family Planning Commission) attended the conference and gave speeches. Ge Weiping, Deputy Director of Securities Association of China (SAC), Jiang Feng, Deputy Executive Director of China Association For Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI) and Xu Huimin, Member of Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, gave speeches as the representatives of conference organizer. The conference was hosted by Dr. Ding Lieming, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference, Annual President of Sino-PhIRDA in the 2016-2017 year and Chairman & CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals, and Song Ruilin, Executive President of the Organizing Committee of the conference and Executive President of China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association.


Dr. Ding Lieming Hosting the Conference 

    The 2nd China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference was cosponsored by China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association (PhIRDA), SAC, CAMDI and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, under the great support provided by Key S&T Special Project Implementation Management Office for Key new drug R&D Research Development Center of Medical Science and Technology National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic China, South Institute of Pharmaceutical Economy of CFDA, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science and other enterprises and public institutions and famous financing and investment institutions at home and abroad. The conference, centered on the theme of innovation, presented the tendency of policies and investment from multiple dimensions; discussed the mutual influence between innovation mode and investment from multiple aspects; been highly concerned and praised by the domestic and international pharmaceutical and investment circles with an unprecedented scale. 


Dr. Ding Lieming and Chairman Joseph F. Franlin Concluding an MOU

    During the conference, Dr. Ding Lieming, as the Annual President of Sino-PhIRDA and Joseph F. Franlin, Chairman of the Board of National Foundation for Cancer Research, concluded an MOU to establish a long-term “Sino-US Innovative Cooperation Mechanism for Anti-tumor Pharmaceuticals” and a Sino-US cooperation platform for anti-tumor pharmaceutical innovation, for the purpose of promoting the R&D and innovation of anti-tumor drugs, pushing forward the global pharmaceutical innovation and making their due contributions to human health.

    At this conference, Betta Pharmaceuticals organized a competitive team consisting of CFO & Chief Investment Director Fan Jianxun, Strategic Cooperation Chief Director Li Ying to demonstrate the innovative development results of the company in all round. In particular, they launched Betta Pharmaceuticals Bio-pharmacy Foundation and Betta Pharmaceuticals Dreamworks, which had been highly concerned by praised by counterparts in the pharmaceutical industry and investment institutions. 


President Song Ruilin Taking a Group Photo with Representatives of Betta Pharmaceuticals

    Meanwhile, Dr. Li Ying also shared the recent development of the Company with participants and made dialogues with investors under the invitation, to discuss the pharmaceutical investment and innovation with guests from the aspects of strategic layout, cooperation mode and logic of Betta Pharmaceuticals. In the future, “Betta Pharmaceuticals Bio-pharmacy Foundation” and Betta Dreamworks will coordinate with the “three driving forces” strategy of Betta Pharmaceuticals to propel social capital to access into the pharmaceutical innovation field in China, support the realization of capital service serving the real economy; reply on the industrial platform of Betta Pharmaceuticals to motivate the timely and effective transformation of innovative demands urgently needed by clinical research actively, to benefit the public patients and promote the sound development of pharmaceutical industry, to enable those scientists to realize their dream of entrepreneurship and contributing to the implementation of Healthy China strategy.

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