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An Extraordinary 6-year Journey-The 6th Debut Anniversary Academic Summit of Conmana Held in Guangzhou
Form: Planning and Propaganda Department   Date: 2017-11-15


The Opening Ceremony of the 6th Debut Anniversary Celebration of Conmana Witnessed by Famous Experts at Home and Abroad

    The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which was recently concluded, has made significant allocations in the aspects of implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and Healthy China strategy. Along with the wonderful opportunity brought about by China’s pharmaceutical innovation, The 6th Debut Anniversary Academic Forum of Conmana was held in Guangzhou grandly on November 4th. Conmana is the winner of the First Prize of National Progress in Science and Technology and the award of Key Scientific and Technological Result of National Key New-drug R&D Project during the 11th and 12th Five-year Plans. Nearly 600 experts and scholars across the nation in the field of lung cancer gathered in Guangzhou to focus on key subjects of cancer treatment, discuss the new development direction for lung cancer treatment, solve diagnosis issues in practical clinical treatment and share and communicate with their own treatment experience, based on in-depth case analysis in clinical practice via group discussions in multiple branch meeting places. 


Academicians Sang Guowei, Sun Yan and Yu Jinming Giving Video Speeches

    This conference was jointly organized by Sino-PhIRDA and Betta Pharmaceuticals. Academicians Sang Guowei, Sun Yan and Yu Jinming expressed the congratulations to the conference in the form of video speeches and expressed their great expectations on the innovative development of Betta Pharmaceuticals. 


    Eleven world-renowned experts in the field of cancer treatment, including Prof. Guan Zhongzhen, Prof. Liao Meilin, Prof. Wu Yilong, Prof. Shi Yuankai, Prof. Zhi Xiuyi, Prof. Wang Lvhua, Prof. Wang Changli, Prof. Feng Jifeng, Prof. Li Yin, Prof. Luo Rongcheng and Prof. Zhang Lanjun, have taken the posts of joint presidents of the conference. This conference was hosted by Song Ruilin, Executive President of Sino-PhIRDA; and Dr. Ding Lieming, Chairman & CEO and the management of Betta Pharmaceuticals attended the meeting. 


President Song Ruilin Hosting the Conference

    Dr. Ding Lieming extended the welcoming speech on behalf of the organizer, in the warm applause. First, he gave a warm welcome to leaders and guests participating in the grand meeting of the 6th Debut Anniversary of Conmana and expressed his sincere gratitude to leaders of various levels and experts for their constant concern on and support to Betta Pharmaceuticals. 


Dr. Ding Lieming Giving the Welcome Speech

    In retrospect to the 6-year journey experienced by Conmana step by step, Dr. Ding Lieming was so impressed and sighed that Conmana had grown into a “robust young man” though aged 6 years old and created the remarkable social and economic benefits. In 2016, its sales volume moved into RMB 1 billion. By Q3 this year, its accumulative sales volume has exceeded RMB 4.2 billion and it has benefited over 150,000 patients, turning into the industry leader. There have been 422 papers and SCI-collected 138 papers published related to Conmana; its IF is over 400 grades. The free follow-up medication project of Conmana, under the cooperation of Sino-PhIRDA, has dispensed 2.6 million boxes of drugs to nearly 50,000 patients accumulatively, covering a market value over RMB 6 billion, highly recognized and widely praised by Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Government and all walks of life. 


    Honor is never dedicated to any single one. The success of Conmana is on the basis of the great efforts and contributions of many of the experts and scholars. In his speech, Dr. Ding Lieming said with deep feeling that since the stage of R&D, Academician Sun Yan, a leading authority in clinical medical oncology in the world, has led multiple experts to participate in the clinical research personally; Prof. Wu Yilong and Prof. Shi Yuankai have led the exploration of new indications for Conmana. Their contributions have attracted extensive attention of the international oncological field and led to the brilliant debut of Conmana on the world stage. Furthermore, Dr. Ding Lieming also appreciated the great support provided by the Party Committee and Government of various levels as well as Key Scientific and Technological Result of National Key New-drug R&D Project, to assist Betta Pharmaceuticals in solving various difficulties during the process of its development. 


Experts Gathered at the Academic Feast

    Dr. Ding Lieming was very inspired when speaking of the satisfactory performance this year. So far, Betta Pharmaceuticals has over 20 new drug projects under development, in which 7 projects at in the clinical research phase and 3 projects are in the clinical research Phase III. Particularly, Ensartinib (X-396), developed by Betta Pharmaceuticals, has been approved to be involved in MRCT Phase III this year, on the basis of Phase I-III clinical trials approved in 2016. If Conmana is the first small-molecule targeted anti-tumor drug based on China’s independent R&D, Ensartinib is expected to turn into the targeted drug launched in the global market simultaneously, dominated by China. 


    We are so encouraged in retrospect to our achievements and confident in the future. The convention of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has offered new opportunities for China’s pharmaceutical innovation. According to Dr. Ding Lieming, in the new era, Betta will take advantages of the great opportunities to make great progress. Meanwhile, he expressed his expectations on the encouragement and support provided by leaders and experts as always to embark on the journey along with Betta. All of employees of Betta will live up to the expectations and roll up their sleeves to work harder to research and develop more and more new drugs of good quality for the public patients, and make their own contributions to the expansion of Chinese pharmaceutical cause. 


Prof. Guan Zhongzhen and Prof. Liao Meilin Giving Speeches 

    According to the speech given by Prof. Guan Zhongzhen, he was very glad to witness the glorious journey of Conmana. During the period between the grand launching ceremony at Beijing Great Hall in 2011 to the 6th debut anniversary today, there have been so many of patients benefiting from Conmana, to enjoy the extended life and improve life quality. The launching of Conmana was a landmark event, symbolizing the significant curative effect achieved in the field of tumor treatment in China. He also expected that Betta could develop and research more new drugs just as Conmana as soon as possible to support China’s cancer treatment to make a new step.


    Based on her 6 decades of experience of medical practicing, Prof. Liao Meilin expressed that there had been more and more Chinese residents able to apply new drugs researched and developed by China, after the change of China from the reliance on imported drugs to the gradual launching of innovative drugs based on China’s independent R&D, and to the gradual upgrading of new drugs today. The most pleasing event for her should be the success of Conmana, which is a targeted drug featured by inexpensive price and good curative effect for lung cancer patients in China of great significance. It is a milestone in the field of tumor treatment in China. 


An Academic Seminar Hosted by Chinese Authoritative Experts 

    In the applause of expectation and encouragement, 26 experts and senior management of Betta Pharmaceuticals stepped onto the stage to start the initiation ceremony of the 6th debut Anniversary of Conmana together, witnessed by all of the participants. 


Academic Research Shared by Famous Professors in the Tumor Circle 

    In the link of academic communication, Prof. Shi Yuankai shared the real world data of Icotinib Hydrochloride; Prof. Fan Yun shared the treatment strategy of NSCLC with EGFR mutation and brain metastases; Prof. Lin Dongmei shared the development and application of detection techniques in the era of precise treatment; Prof. Zhang Bin shared his own opinion on the clinical application of NGS; Prof. Lu Shun shared the new progress made in the immunotherapy for lung cancer treatment; Prof. Liu Xiaoqing shared the academic research about whether the era of EGFR-TKI postoperative adjuvant treatment had arrived and etc. 


Discussion of Industrial Gurus 


Products of Betta Pharmaceuticals Entering into Phase III Clinical Research Introduced by Dr. Tan Fenlai and Dr. Liang Congxin

    Prof. Zhang Shucai, Prof. Shi Meiqi, Prof. Yang Jinji, Prof. Huang Cheng, Prof. Lu Shun, Prof. Luo Rongcheng, Prof. Liu Xiaoqing, Prof. Fan Yun, Prof. Yang Yue, Prof. Zhang Lanjun and other experts participated in the activity of Gurus’ Opinions to express their individual opinions on issues concerned by the public. Dr. Tan Fenlai and Dr. Liang Congxin, on behalf of Betta Pharmaceuticals, introduced the follow-up products of Betta in the field of tumor treatment accessing into the Phase III clinical research. The summary conference in the morning was hosted by Prof. Wu Yilong. The conference in the afternoon was divided into five branches of tumor medicine, respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery, multi-discipline and young and middle aged physicians, for the in-depth discussion and communication. 


Conference Summary by Prof. Wu Yilong 

    Gurus’ opinion sharing, brainstorm and academic communication provided the remarkable significance and fruitful rewarding to experts and scholars participating in this conference. Meanwhile, they expected that Betta Pharmaceuticals could maintain the momentum of constant innovation and transcending to make its due contributions to the rejuvenation of China’s national pharmaceutical industry based on its excellent performance.


Group Photo of Participant Senior Management of Betta Pharmaceuticals

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