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Latest Research Results of Conmana Enjoying a Good Fame at CSCO with High Praise of Academician Sun Yan for Betta Pharmaceuticals’ Innovative Development
Form: Marketing Department   Date: 2017-09-30

    On September 27th, 2017, the 20th Annual Conference of CSCO took place in Xiamen, gathering over 20,000 experts in the field of tumor treatment across the nation. Betta Pharmaceuticals, as a member unit of CSCO, launched a press conference on the site to introduce the latest results of CONVINCE trial of Icotinib Hydrochloride and a featured meeting on molecularly targeted treatment for lung cancer. The conference was co-hosted by Prof. Huang Cheng with Fujian Provincial Cancer Hospital, and Prof. Han Baohui with Shanghai Chest Hospital. Academician Sun Yan, a leading authority of China’s clinical oncology, was present and gave a speech at the press conference; Prof. Wang Lin with Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences shared the latest research data of CONVINCE trial with participants on the site; and Principal Investigator Prof. Shi Yuankai expounded on the vivid details of test context and background stories. Dr. Ding Lieming, Chairman & CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals, and SVP Wan Jiang were present at the conference. 


Press Conference on Latest Results of CONVINCE trial 

    On August 23rd, 2017, an article about the latest results of CONVICE trial on Conmana, a new small-molecule targeted drug developed by China, was published on Annals Of Oncology in full, a world-renowned journal with an IF score at 11.85.The research results have further proved the clinical curative effect of EGFR-TKIs as a front-line treatment for EGFR mutation. Compared to TKI clinical research in the past, the greatest highlight of this research was the design of its control group more compliant with the clinical practice at present. The combination of Pemetrexed and Cispplatinum was selected as the control group in this research; Pemetrexed maintenance treatment has been made available to patients without any progress after 4-week treatment. Among all of the existing 9 clinical research, only Afatinib’s LUX-LUNG3 has selected this program, yet without follow-up maintenance treatment of Pemetrexed; and all of other research have adopted the third-generation chemotherapeutics for controlling. CONVINCE trial was also the unique research adopting this clinical program for control group, which was undoubtedly more scientific, rational and keeping pace with the time under the treatment background currently. 


The Leading Authority of China’s Clinical Oncology Academician Sun Yan Present and Giving a Speech at the Conference

    Academician Sun Yan, who has been concerning and paying attention to the development of Betta Pharmaceuticals, was inspired to give a speech on the site of conference, starting from the old days when Dr. Ding Lieming and other overseas returnees returning back to China to start up businesses. According to him, the overseas returnee team, represented by Dr. Ding Lieming, gave up the competitive remunerations in the US to establish Betta Pharmaceuticals, with their Chinese dreams. During the Phase I clinical trial of Conmana, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was confronted with a heavy mission of clinical trials waiting in a long queue. Academician Sun was moved by the unswerving spirit and patriotism so much that he suggested Betta Pharmaceuticals to contact Prof. Zhang Li with Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Prof. Zhou Jianying with Zhejiang Medical University First Hospital to conduct the Phase I-II clinical trials of Conmana. 

    Academician Sun was very proud of the Phase III clinical trial of Conmana. According to him, the design of Phase III Conmana clinical trial was very bold and adopted Gefitinib, an imported drug launched overseas, as the control medicine, based on head-to-head comparison, parallel control, random and double blind and 1:1 ratio. Betta was operated on borrowings back then; however, it was still following the principle of being strict in details and excellence in the clinical trial; and spent only 9 months to complete the recruitment of over 400 subjects, creating the record of fastest subject recruitment of clinical research then. After experiencing the financial difficulty and other troubles, Phase III clinical trial was completed smoothly. 

    The moment that Academician Sun was most proud of was the publicity of the results of Phase III clinical trial. It was still fresh in his memory that everyone was so nervous and hopeful; after witnessing the curve of PFS at the end of the research slightly higher than that of Gefitinib group with a higher safety level than that of control group, everyone was so joyful and excited. In 2011, when he reported the research results of Conmana at WCLC, some of the top-level foreign experts believed that the curative effect of Conmana was better than that of control medicine Gefitinib with a higher safety level and praised it as a remarkable project. Since then, small-molecule anti-tumor drugs based on the independent R&D of Chinese researchers have gone to the globe. Moreover, Betta has actively assumed the social responsibility; benefited the public with innovative achievements; and enabled Chinese patients of lung cancer to enjoy the medical treatment of inexpensive price and good curative effect authentically, in the forms of voluntary depreciation and drug dispensing free of charge. Many of its follow-up products are writing down more glories and miracles. 


A Group Photoof Betta Pharmaceuticals’ Management and Experts 

    None of success can be accomplished in an action. Academician Sun was so inspired to say that the reason that Betta’s team, led by Dr. Ding Lieming, could successfully develop and research the first small-molecule targeted anti-tumor drug in China, win the First Prize of National Progress in Science and Technology for the first time in China’s chemical pharmaceutical industry and achieve such a huge success should be the similar feeling shared by Dr. Ding and Academician Yang Zhenning, the first Chinese scientist winning a Nobel prize. Both of them have abandoned the American citizenship and the competitive remuneration provided by America, to return to China and start up their business firmly. China needs talents like them, who will always be treasured by the nation. And there are a lot of scientists serving Betta sharing the similar experience; all of them are the backbone of the country. In conclusion, Academician Sun was very moved to say that the destiny of any individual or enterprise was closely correlated with that of a nation. Betta, as an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise occupying the industrial leading position, should make constant efforts, go abroad and have access into the European and overseas markets continuously, to provide the opportunity for Chinese experts to introduce the good drugs of China and share China’s pharmaceutical experience with countries along the The Belt and Road, to the benefit of global patients. 

    The moving speech given by Academician Sun from his deep heart has further strengthened the driving force of the industry to develop new drugs and encouraged all levels of employees of Betta. At present, published literature in Chinese and English related to the research on Conmana, as a new drug in China, has accumulated an IF over 400 scores, along with the increasing number of EBM evidence, which has sufficiently consolidated the market of EGFR-TKI, transformed into a flagship in the field of TKI treatment for lung cancer in China, and demonstrated the unique posture and position of China’s new drugs on the global stage. In the future, Betta Pharmaceuticals will work harder with constant innovation, trying to build itself into “a transnational pharmaceutical enterprise headquartered in China”. 

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