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Class 1.1 New Drug of Betta Pharmaceuticals BPI-9016M Obtaining the Approval Document of Clinical Trial
Form: Betta Pharmaceuticals   Date: 2015-04-02

    On March 15th, 2015, national Class 1.1 targeted small-molecule anti-cancer new drug, BPI-9016M, obtained the Clinical Trial Approval Document, issued by CFDA, for Phase I/II/III clinical trials.

    BPI-9016M is a candidate pharmaceutical molecule obtained based on computer simulation design and rounds of screening and structural optimization. It is a small-molecule TKI with the independent IPR and brand-new chemical structure. Pre-clinical research results have shown that BPI-9016M is featured by a significant anti-tumor activity and a sound safety.

    BPI-9016M is novel in the selection of target. Its successful launching on the market will provide a new choice for cancer treatment and bring a sound social benefit. This project has been supported by National Key New-drug Special Project.

    Betta Pharmaceuticals Winning the 16th Session of Golden Award of China Patent Award


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