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China’s Innovative drug, Icotinib was included in the 2012 Global New Drugs Research and Development Directory for the first time
Form: betta   Date: 2012-07-12

        The 2012 annual report provided by Citeline is recognized as the world’s most authoritative platform for information on clinical research and new drug research and development. It provides the world’s most comprehensive and real-time R&D information in the pharmaceutical industry, which covers the clinical research, investigator and drug information around the world. 

        The report mainly listed 33 new drugs that had come into the market in 2011, among which 9 are anti-tumor drugs. 2 out of the 9 drugs are approved to be used in treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (Crizotinib by Pfizer and Icotinib by Betta). Icotinib is China’s first-ever independently developed drug that has been included in the Citeline Annual New Drug Directory, which again proves that as the world’s third EGRF-TKI drug, Icotinib has attracted extensive attention worldwide and it’s widely recognized. In the meantime, this is also an acknowledgement towards the R&D strength of Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. We believe that Betta Pharmaceuticals will go further on the road of research and development. 

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